DIY Phone Jack Installation

DIY phone jack installation

I am declaring a victory over our telephone/internet provider. Our modem/router is set up in the basement and has been for a couple of years. We had some line stability issues and a couple of years ago a technician installed a new jack in the basement and set it up there.

We were given a VoIP system for Christmas and it needs to be connected directly to the router so that you don’t need to have your computer on all the time. I set it up and tried it out on Sunday and it worked well. The downside is that our base cordless phone also has to be plugged into the system when it is plugged into the router. Since we don’t feel like making all of our phone calls from the laundry room. I wanted to move the router to the kitchen so that we could set everything up where the base phone is currently. When I plugged in the router to the phone jack it didn’t work so I called our provider  Continue reading