Do Photos Represent Real Life?

Capturing Life I've been thinking about photographic representations of life lately. My daughter has been asking my partner and I to tell her and her sisters stories from our respective childhoods. I have discovered that I don't have a lot of stories that are top of mind that I can easily … Continue reading

Are Superdads Media Whores?

"FORGET yummy mummies, now we have cool dads. And the stakes are high, menfolk. If the internet is to be believed — and what sensible person could doubt it — the latest phenomenon to sweep the world is the rise of Cool Dad. Yes, the days of yore when fathers steadfastly ignored their … Continue reading

Basketball with Ghandi

The other day I saw this great little film via the magic of Facebook and Gawker.  Only thing is that it is actually a commercial for a Thai telecommunications company. It is an inspirational, beautiful, emotional story.  When I first watched it, I … Continue reading

I am an Addict

An information addict that is.  I have a compulsion to know things.  Not for any specific reason, just because I want to know what is going on in the world.  I’m not saying I have a big problem, I can quit anytime.  I just don’t want to quit yet... … Continue reading