6 Sleep Tips to Make You Richer

There is a certain irony in that I started writing this at 7 in the morning on the first days of my vacation. A day that I could have slept in. A day that did not require an alarm or having to be anywhere at any particular time. It didn't turn out that way. As I've written before, I am an early … Continue reading

Kids are Jerks

My daughter is a jerk. She'll be 14 months old next week and she insists on carving her own path. Her two older sisters followed an established pattern. Their younger sister is having none of that. She has no regard for how her actions impact the rest of us or make Laura and I feel. Her sisters … Continue reading

Why is Daddy such a Jerk?

The other day I was reading this article about interrupted sleep. Apparently sleep interruption can cause confusion, depression and fatigue. It can also have an impact on attention span and ability to make decisions. These findings come as a complete shock! I am reminded of something that our … Continue reading