Parenting in a Bubble of Ignorance

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. - Martin Luther King Jr. Opposition to Sex-Ed The parents who are fighting against the new Ontario sexual health education curriculum are choosing to to live in a world of ignorance and stupidity. … Continue reading

I Know All About The Sexing

  5yo Friend to my 8yo: You are wearing a ring. Are you married? My 8yo: No. I'm not even a teenager. I'm too young to get married Other friend:  You can have babies when you are a teenager, but you have to wait until you are an adult to get married. 5yo: Yeah, when your stomach is … Continue reading

Why Are We So Afraid?

This morning as I was attempting to get my kids ready for school my six-year old put on a solid show of resistance. To be fair she feels crappy because she has a sore throat and didn't want to go to school. She was also refusing cough syrup or anything to drink. As I have written before she is … Continue reading

Pregnancy Options: Adoption

This is the third in my series about options available to people facing unintended pregnancies as I did as a teenager. I have previously written on Abortion and Parenting. This article is about choosing adoption. Adoption is the option I have the most experience with since it was the choice we … Continue reading