Need your votes!

We are trying to build a new kindergarten playground at my kids' school.  We have made the semi-finals in a contest to win funding from Aviva Insurance.  We need your help and your votes. I'd appreciate if you could take minute and cast your vote. You can vote today and every day until the … Continue reading


It snowed yesterday.  Just a little bit.  We woke up to almost 25 cms of snow on the ground.  Fortunately the girls were excited to get out of bed and get dressed so that they could help me shovel the snow before school.  Of course their version of helping is to participate just long enough … Continue reading

Remembrance Day and Hope

I just got back from the Remembrance Day assembly at my kids' school.  It is the first time since I was a kid myself that I have attended a school Remembrance Day assembly.  Typically I go for the big public ceremonies.  I live in Ottawa and so I typically go to the national service at the … Continue reading

Aviva Community Fund

My kids go to Vincent Massy Public School in Ottawa and our school could use a new playground for the 130 Kindergarten students. This year we started full-day kindergarten and my five year old is enjoying her full days at school and learning lots of new things.  The playground which was never … Continue reading