Top Toys of the Year

It seems that for some strange reason at this time of the year there are lots of magazine and newspaper article about the best/hottest/coolest/funnest/top toys of the year as chosen by parents/marketers/kids/families/magazine editors/toy stores, etc. It is possible that this has something to do … Continue reading

A week of funerals

As many of you know we had a terrible crash between a double decker bus and a passenger rail train in Ottawa last week.  Six people were killed and dozens were injured on the bus.  Following the crash there were many photos published in the newspapers and online of the bus with the front sheared … Continue reading

Cutting off our nose

This morning the Ottawa Citizen published their analysis of the candidates in the Ottawa South by-election taking place on August 1.  They also issued their endorsement of the PC candidate Matt Young.  Their primary reasons for this endorsement is that he has no baggage of government and he will … Continue reading

I am an Addict

An information addict that is.  I have a compulsion to know things.  Not for any specific reason, just because I want to know what is going on in the world.  I’m not saying I have a big problem, I can quit anytime.  I just don’t want to quit yet... … Continue reading