Wood Watches for Mother’s Day

A Gift for Mother's Day My partner is a tour guide in Ottawa, where we live. She teaches people of all ages about our city and shares her passion for our capital and our history with visitors. She has been a guide on and off since before we got engaged and married. She was a guide before we had … Continue reading

What We Love About Our Mummies

We have some mothers in our family. For mother's day we are celebrating what we love about our mothers. This year I asked my three daughters what they love about their mummy and then my partner and I also wrote about what love about our mothers. What My Nine Year Old Loves About Her … Continue reading

10 Ways My Wife is an Awesome Mother

My partner is amazing. She generally prefers 'wife.' I think partner is more descriptive. We have been partners for more than 15 years and married for more than 13 of those years. We have been co-parents for more than eight years and throughout our time as parents, my partner has been incredible … Continue reading