Weekend Round Up – May 1

Weekend Round Up May 1

My favourite blog posts from around the web this week

My Kids Stole the Weekend

We don’t have our kids in a lot of organized activities (mostly because we can’t afford it) and I sometimes feel like we should have them in more things and then I think about all the driving and cold arenas that would entail…

Involved Fatherhood is Good for Dads

Scott Behson is such a strong advocate for dads and fatherhood. I enjoy being involved in my kids’ lives and it is great to see that there are benefits for me other than the bags under my eyes and the good feeling I get from being a part of their lives. Apparently I am going to live longer! I notice there is nothing in the list about spine compression as a result of all the kids riding on my shoulders.

There are Millions of Ways to be a Dad

Another fantastic post from Mike Reynolds. I often discover that Mike has reached into my brain and extracted the jumbled thoughts and ideas that are floating around in there, cleans them up and lays them out in great pieces. When I read them I think – oh yeah that is what I was thinking about. It is like he is constantly two weeks ahead of me in his thinking. I must be a slow thinker… This is a great post about masculinity and fatherhood. You should read it so that you can know what I’ll be writing in two weeks when my brain figures it out. Oh and you should also watch The Mask You Live In, which I just watched this weekend and will watch again soon.

So Your Dinner Came Out of a Box

We are a Kraft Dinner family – not in a ‘Kraft paid me to say this’ kind of way. It is pretty much guaranteed that at least one box (often more) of kraft dinner gets consumed by someone in our house every week. Our dinners in a week also include things like pre-made chicken kiev, breaded chicken fingers, processed meat, frozen wontons and vegetables and pre-made soup broth. Like most families we are busy and we don’t always have time to make everything from scratch. We get good food into our kids and often we tap into the frozen pre-made stuff to get it done. With any luck the kids might even eat some of it…

Top Dad Goes Round Posts of the Week

Here are the posts of mine that you were reading this week

New Post of the Week

Dad Guide: Menstruation

This is the first part in my four part guide for dads to talking with their daughters about puberty and menstruation specifically. When all of the parts are done I am going to be bundling them together into an e-book available to newsletter subscribers for download.

Top Post from the Archives

Words are Powerful

This one is about the words we use to describe ourselves and others and the power those words have on identity.

Happy Reading!


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Weekend Round Up – April 24

Weekend Round Up - April 2014


This week I have an All-Canadian Edition for you!

This one is not from this past week, but it made me cry with happiness when I read it earlier this month and again yesterday when I had the opportunity to meet Amanda and hear her tell her story in person, and frankly again when a room full of people stood to give her a standing ovation. If you do nothing else today, read this piece.

My Wife Came Out and Her Co-Workers Threw Her a Party 


Build your practical Skills with Buzz Bishops tips on writing a Kijiji Ad. I’m looking for a new phone since mine seems to have died and I can tell you there are some terribly-written ads out there.

5 Tips to Write the Best Kijiji Ad and Sell Your Stuff Faster


As the weather warms up – a reminder.

Kids Belong Among the Wildflowers: Get Outside


A look back at twenty years of parenting – which for me is a look forward to looking back… These are good things to reflect on as I go through my parenting journey.

10 Reflections on the First 20 Years of Being a Parent


Top Posts on DadGoesRound this week


I got older this week and some of your were interested to know what I learned over the past year as a 40 year old.

5 Lessons I learned in My 40th Year


And from the archives, quite a few of you were interested to learn about one of the journeys I took in my 40th year.

How I became a Spornosexual


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DC Super Hero Girls and Visa Card Giveaway

I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

If you have kids and I know some of you do, or if you were a kid, which probably covers quite a few of you, there is a possibility that you may have watched cartoons at some point in your life. There is even a possibility that you may have watched some cartoons that involved a superhero or two. One of my favourites when I was a kid was Super Friends. I think in part because it featured a number of characters that I liked from other comics and cartoons and in part because they worked as a team.  Around the same time I was watching live-action shows like Wonder Woman so some weeks I got a double dose of the lasso of truth.

Now Wonder Woman is back in a new animated series – DC Super Hero Girls – featuring a team of superheros. The great thing about this series is that it features a cast of female heroes, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bat Girl and others. Throughout the series they will work together to discover their unique abilities and powers. I’m pretty sure my daughters are going to be all over this series.

The DC Super Hero Girls is a Youtube series so you can subscribe and watch on demand. The DC Super Hero Girls website includes the opportunity for kids to play games, download free printable activities and more.

Oh and for extra fun for adults – you can win a $100 visa card, which is also super and makes me feel like a bit of a here.

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Six Reasons Parents Love Spring

6 Reasons Parents Love Spring

The snow has finally gone, except for a few piles here and there hiding in the shady corners of backyards. and the temperatures are going up so I think it is mostly safe to declare that spring has arrived and that we are done with winter. The change of seasons brings all kinds of shifts in family life. It makes it easier to get out the door in the morning because kids don’t need to have 18 layers of clothes. With the warmer air we can just kick the kids outside to play and they don’t come back five minutes later complaining about the cold. The sun is out and parents everywhere are happy.

Six Reasons Parents Love Spring

No More SnowPants!

Image of Muddy Pants and Shoes

Yay… Now I just need to do a weeks’ worth of laundry every day to deal with the mud…

Spring Flowers


So far our flowers look like garbage. On the upside we don’t have a dog so at least we only have to pick up the garbage as it emerges from the melting snow.


No More Clumps of Snow in the Front Hall to Step On (or puddles of melted snow)

Image of muddy footprints on the floor

Yup, more mud.

Barbeque Season!

Image of a BBQ covered by a tarp frozen to the ground.

Or at least it will be just as soon as I can get the BBQ out of the ice…

An End to Slush and Soaking Wet Snowpants

Image of sand pouring out of a boot

And the start to resupplying our sandbox with sand found in boots and shoes from the school yard.



Image of sticks on the ground

Seriously how many sticks does a kid need? My daughters collect every stick that they walk past. Most get used as walking sticks or for generally whacking things (and sisters) on the way home. Once at home they are used for stirring mud mixtures, making bows and arrows and for leaving on the front steps for daddy to trip over when he leaves the house in the morning. At least in the winter most of the them are buried or frozen to the ground.


What does spring mean to you?

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