Music Education: Part II

While the girls and I were having dinner last night, The Tragically Hip's "New Orleans is Sinking" came on the radio. For those of you who aren't Canadian and haven't heard The Hip, you should check them out. They comprised a significant component of the soundtrack of my youth and young … Continue reading

View from here V

It is time for another instalment of kid photos. The last ones have all been taken by my now six-year old. These ones are a mix of pictures from her as well as our almost eight-year old. It turns out I had never downloaded the photos from her camera so they cover quite a spread of time.  Little … Continue reading

Getting there on time

We are mid-way through week two of school and have made it to school early every day so far. I am sure this will be an unblemished track record in ten months time... It is extremely frustrating for me when i can't get places on time. It is especially frustrating when I have limited control over the … Continue reading

Why is Daddy such a Jerk?

The other day I was reading this article about interrupted sleep. Apparently sleep interruption can cause confusion, depression and fatigue. It can also have an impact on attention span and ability to make decisions. These findings come as a complete shock! I am reminded of something that our … Continue reading

View from here IV

It is time for another kid photoblog instalment! It has been a few months since the last one. My mum gave the girls these jelly window decals and they spent time rearranging them on their windows.  This also shows our backyard in December, which looks remarkably the same as our backyard March … Continue reading