It could have been so nice

Bedtime used to be a relatively conflict-free time of the day. We'd read with our two older girls and put them to bed, sing some songs and put on a cd of their choice. Laura and I alternated which kid we read to at night and the girls would alternate deciding who gets to chose the song we sing … Continue reading

How I became a Spornosexual

Becoming a Spornosexual I recently discovered that it was time to update my look. I was excited to learn that I should be striving to be a spornosexual. I have been somewhat lost ever since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was cancelled. I relied on the guys to teach me how to dress and groom … Continue reading

Hero Worship

What is a hero? How does one become a hero? According to the Oxford English Dictionary a hero has three definitions. A person, typically a man. who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (e.g. a war hero). The chief male character in a book, play or … Continue reading