They Are Still Just Kids

Life at eight years old Lately I have found myself increasingly thinking about my eight year old self and comparing my memories of that time to my eight year old daughter and her life. Next month my eight year old will be nine and starting grade four. When I was that age my parents separated, … Continue reading

Six Reasons Parents Love Spring

The snow has finally gone, except for a few piles here and there hiding in the shady corners of backyards. and the temperatures are going up so I think it is mostly safe to declare that spring has arrived and that we are done with winter. The change of seasons brings all kinds of shifts in family … Continue reading

Finding Humility

When Last We Met I Was the Master In my teen years I studied Ninjutsu for four years, and while I am sure that I griped about going from time to time - I was a teenager after all - it was a formative experience for me. As I advanced in my training I also took on a teaching role with the kids … Continue reading

Snow Tunnel Safety Rules

We have finally got some snow around here and my kids have already been hard at work digging their first tunnel through the snow piles for the year, which means it is time for some snow tunnel safety rules. As a kid I spent a lot of time with my fellow kid gang members digging tunnels and forts … Continue reading

Raise a Voter

Labour Day has come and gone. School has started and the federal election campaigns are ramping up. If your kids are like mine after a couple of days sitting at desks, they are both exhausted and high energy bouncing off the walls in need of some activity. Fortunately the Federal Election … Continue reading