How Barbie Defeated a Dad

Image of a toddler holding a barbie doll


This has become a frequent refrain around our house lately. For me it is an indication of a lost battle.

I dislike barbie dolls and everything they stand for. I dislike the idealized and highly improbable female form. I dislike the materialism. I dislike barbie’s sexist and stereotypical roles. I dislike her feet in permanent high heel pose. I dislike all of the pink and constant makeup.  Continue reading

My pants are falling down

I’ve been thinking about food for a couple of months – not to say that I have never thought about food before – just that I have been thinking about it in a more focused way.  I’ve been thinking about it because I have finally started losing weight.  I have been overweight or at least I’ve had a weight distribution problem.  Instead of the weight being in muscle it has been in the fat hanging out around my mid-section. Continue reading