Mike Duffy’s “Love Child”

Yesterday Maclean's Magazine broke a story about a woman claiming to be Senator Mike Duffy's unacknowledged daughter. Other media outlets are - predictably - referring to this woman as his "love child" and Duffy himself is saying that the story is inaccurate and is a 30 year old story. First … Continue reading

On Fatherhood

Fatherhood vs. Being a Dad My father had a little sculpture of a boy and his dad standing by a tree and "Any man can be a father, it takes a special man to be a Dad" was written on the base.  I first became a father when I was a teenager to twins that we placed for adoption.  Those kids are … Continue reading


It is interesting how memory works.  Sometimes memories are powerful and pop-up at unexpected times.  Sometimes they come unbidden and other times more consciously on specific dates.  Sometimes we just forget.  In this particular case, I forgot. Twenty-two years ago yesterday I became a father … Continue reading