Stop Rushing Kids Through Life

Kids operate at a different speed than adults. Typically the opposite speed. If you are in a rush, kids slip into slow motion mode. If you are taking it easy kids will demand playing a high-energy game. These differing perceptions of the space-time continuum can often lead to conflict. It … Continue reading

#BellLetsTalk – Living with Anxiety

Today is a day when we in Canada when we are supposed to have a national discussion about mental health - sponsored by our biggest telecom, Bell Canada. I am no expert on mental health generally or living with anxiety specifically. I can say supportive things like I understand and listen, but I … Continue reading

Parenting from the Park Bench

A while ago I wrote about resilience and wrestling with questions about how I could help my children to develop resilience.  Since I wrote that post I have been doing some reading.  I generally don't read much parenting advice because I don't find it particularly helpful.  Either I disagree … Continue reading