Etsy Made-In-Canada 2017

Etsy Made-In-Canada 2017

As regular readers know, I have a small woodworking business that I set up almost four years ago. This year I will again be participating in the Etsy Made-in-Canada show as a vendor along with another 150 local makers. It is a tremendous opportunity to buy handmade products directly from the makers.

This show takes place in communities across the country the weekend of September 23 – 24. In some places it is one day. In Ottawa it is a two day show that has added a night market the evening of the 22nd to provide additional options to shop in a less crowded environment.

Since not everyone lives in Ottawa or will be able to make it out to the show I’ve picked some of my fellow makers to highlight to my fellow parents and dads.

This page includes affiliate links. If you make any purchases from these or other vendors by clicking the links on this page I will receive a commission. It will not increase your purchase price in any way. 

Art of Melodious

I love the idea of a hand drawn family portrait and I really like the style of this artist.

Art of melodius family portrait

Bite Me! Chew Jewels

We never had any chew jewels with any of our kids. I’ve seen these made by various makers over the years since my kids were born and I think they are a great idea. Teething kids chew on everything – Why not elephants?

Bite Me Chew Jewels Elephant

Chalkboard Chique

We installed a large chalkboard in our playroom and my older two daughters use it when they are teaching their little sister and / or dolls how to write letters and numbers. They use it for art and to write messages. I didn’t know of anyone making handmade chalkboards when we acquired ours or I would have picked up one of these.

chalkboard chique chalkboard

Des Enfantillages

I make wood toys and activities for kids and I am a fan of anyone else working in the same space. Wood toys are so classic, long-lasting and don’t result in more plastic in our landfills. I love the simplicity of this play house and the flexibility of the space and pieces that allow kids to use their imaginations to tell stories and build scenarios as they play.

des Enfantillages House in a bag

District Damsels

Given that Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, it is only a matter of time before we see a mickey stormtrooper. Get ahead of the fashion curve with this brooch!

District Damsels Stormtrooper Mickey Mouse

Fletch Robbins

We have several dinosaur shirts spread among our daughters’ wardrobes. I love these hand-drawn dinosaur shirts. I picked the T-Rex because really who doesn’t love a cuddly T-Rex?

Fletch Robbins T-Rex Onesie

Fuzzling Monsters

Speaking of cuddly, these stuffed monsters look so soft and friendly – as far as monsters go of course…

Fuzzling monsters - Stuffed Grey and Gold Monster

JG Fine Woodworking

I wish I had space for a lathe so that I could do turned wood. These beautiful pieces from JG Woodworking don’t serve a great many practical parenting needs. That said, I could sit and stare at any of them and get lost in the swirls and lines of the woodgrain. I can imagine letting the sounds of arguing kids drifting through the openings in the vase and out the other side…

JG Fine Woodworking Maple Burl Vase

KT Inspired Home

I am thinking about sticking these giant scrabble letters on the wall over our dining room table and getting a pointer stick that I can use to point at the words and tap the wall whenever my kids are doing everything but eating at dinner. I could do it without having to actually use my voice. Actually this is kind of a fantasy of mine.

KT Inspired Home - Scrabble Letters - Wall Art

Low Poly Crafts

Origami Beaver you say?

Low Poly Crafts - Paper Beaver

ManMade Art

I am a pretty big Tragically Hip fan and if I had some wall space for more art, this Bobcaygeon lyric piece would definitely be on my list.

Man Made Art for Guys Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon Lyrics

Ode to August

I live in a house full of sisters. The three sisters in my house are powerful and often gang up on me so I have experienced the power of sisterhood. I might set the three of them up with this sisterhood shirt.

Ode to august sisterhood is powerful t-shirt

Bram D’Hoest Woodwork

We are out of the rattle stage of life with our kids. I need to find some friends with a newborn so that I can send over one of these beautiful wood rattles that can be kept and passed on from kid to kid.

Bram D'Hoest Wooden baby rattle

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