Not in the face!

For the past few weeks I have been coaching soccer once a week through our community association.  It is run by parent volunteers, some of whom get sucked into coaching.  The first year they get you by asking for assistant coaches to just help out and cover off the "real" coaches when they are … Continue reading

Buttons and the kids who push them

Buttons and the kids who push them I am a parent and I have buttons.  Not just the ones on my shirts or that prevent my pants from falling off, no I also have the harder to see ones that my kids are so good at identifying.  Some days I think they are humming the button factory song. Hello my … Continue reading

Teaching girls about sexual health

To start things off I would like to thank Joyce McFadden for her piece in the Huffington Post on this same topic. Body Parts I have two little girls and my wife and I have always referred to all of their body parts by their anatomical names with one early error that we need to correct.  We … Continue reading

On Fatherhood

Fatherhood vs. Being a Dad My father had a little sculpture of a boy and his dad standing by a tree and "Any man can be a father, it takes a special man to be a Dad" was written on the base.  I first became a father when I was a teenager to twins that we placed for adoption.  Those kids are … Continue reading