Public Performance of Grief

This past weekend would have been my late father's birthday. I took time in the morning to flip through photos of him while I drank my tea. I talked with my oldest daughter about him a little bit. For the rest of the day I was busy and didn't really think about him much. The exception to that … Continue reading

Etsy Made-In-Canada 2017

Etsy Made-In-Canada 2017 As regular readers know, I have a small woodworking business that I set up almost four years ago. This year I will again be participating in the Etsy Made-in-Canada show as a vendor along with another 150 local makers. It is a tremendous opportunity to buy handmade … Continue reading

First Day of Kindergarten

This kid is about to burst My three year old (four in October) is starting school. She is so excited to be going to school like her big sisters, she can hardly stand it. Her sisters have been running a school for her in our basement for a couple of years. They call it 'learn and play.' She has a … Continue reading

Raising Independent Kids

Independent Kids = Capable Adults I believe I have two key jobs as a dad. Keep my kids alive Raise my kids up to be capable contributing adults. Today I read this blog post by Adrian over at 5Kids1Condo about his experience with government bureaucrats who believe that he is giving his … Continue reading