Trans Folk Won’t Be Erased

Won't Be Erased Trans people are under threat again. Their very existence is being threatened by governments in the US and Canada. It is unacceptable that conservative governments are bowing to the social conservatives who are afraid of people who choose not to identify as the gender they were … Continue reading

Women Are Not Property

We Don't Own Women Many of you will read this headline and think - of course we don't own women. We've settled all that and women are equal under the law. Sure we know there is sexism and some women are harassed and we've heard all about the glass ceiling, but women aren't property. Except of … Continue reading

Dad Guide: How to find a job

Dad Guide: How to Find a Job As a parent, you are responsible for keeping your kids fed, clothed and housed. In some families there is more than one income-earning parent and in others there is a single or primary earner. Being able to provide for kids adds an additional consideration when job … Continue reading

Lessons from unemployment

Unemployed Life It has been a little over two weeks since I lost my job. So far it has been a bit like being on vacation without having to worry about how many emails are building up in my absence. This is so far a very different experience from the first time I was unemployed 13 years ago. … Continue reading

I Got Fired…

Surprise you don't have a job anymore! Have you ever walked into a meeting only to have your brain suggest that it is not the meeting you expected it to be? That is what happened to me this week. I went to a meeting that was supposed to be about communications outreach. Instead I walked into a … Continue reading