What’ll it be… Boy or a Girl?

We are inching closer to baby time, day-by-day.  It seems as we get closer I get more questions about whether it is a boy or a girl.  We don't know.  We don't want to know - although I think once the kid is born, we'll probably want to know then.  Our daughters don't seem to have a strong … Continue reading


Waiting for Baby This week marks 37 weeks in Laura's pregnancy.  At this point in her last pregnancy we unexpectedly and rather suddenly had a baby.  Apparently births get faster and if one of your kids was early it is likely the next will also be early.  So now we are waiting and it is going … Continue reading

Making Room for Baby

It seems that these days - particularly weekends - my time is spent preparing for the arrival of kid #3.  Not in a nesting kind of way or psychological preparation.  Just in the old-fashioned hard labour kind of way.  So far I have constructed two loft beds and moved our five and almost … Continue reading

Not in the face!

For the past few weeks I have been coaching soccer once a week through our community association.  It is run by parent volunteers, some of whom get sucked into coaching.  The first year they get you by asking for assistant coaches to just help out and cover off the "real" coaches when they are … Continue reading