Making Mix Tapes

My in-laws were just here for a visit and among the gifts they left behind for D1 who turns seven tomorrow, was an original iPod shuffle.  It is even pre-loaded with some music.  As D1 and D2 are prone to heated discussions about pretty well anything Laura said they could share it.  The extra … Continue reading

Yesterday I Went Back to Work…

In Canada we parents have the benefit of maternity and parental leaves. Our jobs are protected by law while we are on leave and we can collect income through Employment Insurance during our leaves.  A mother who has given birth can use maternity leave and parental leave for a total of 52 weeks. … Continue reading

Fatherhood v3.0

I am a new dad for the third time.  Each birth experience has been different.  I have only had a few days to get to know daughter number three and so far I would say she is a bit of a slacker.  She just lies around and only really gets up to eat.  She definitely isn't willing to apply for … Continue reading

Kid #3 has arrived and It’s a ….

  Well, the results are in, or perhaps I should say out...  yesterday afternoon my partner's contractions finally got themselves sufficiently organized to present a united front and get organized into a sort of regular pattern.  After a couple of hours of sustained contractions we decided … Continue reading