Communing With My Dad

Communing with my Dad It is three days to Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Well, that isn't entirely true. There is a cat prowling around looking for me to refill her food bowl because we don't have any mice for her to catch and if we did, she probably wouldn't … Continue reading

A Fatherless Father’s Day

My First Fatherless Father's Day This is my first Father's Day without my dad. Although I haven't been in the same place as my dad on Father's Day for more than 20 years it is different now. For the last couple of decades our Father's Day visits were limited to phone calls or Skype chats. … Continue reading

I Want To Influence Change

How can I make a difference and influence change? This week I was at the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego. It is a conference for dad influencers. We spend a few days hanging out with other dads who blog, podcast, vlog and tweet. It is an opportunity to learn from speakers and one another about how … Continue reading

The First Moment I Felt Like a Dad

The First Time I Felt Like a Dad This post is inspired by the 100th episode of the Dad Spotlight podcast. My Dad Moment The first time I felt like a dad came in the hours after my first daughter was born, while my partner was sleeping after giving birth. It came in the hallway of the … Continue reading