Words are Powerful

Image of a word cloud with words that are sometimes controversial

Bird is the Word

I am a writer and as such I might reasonably be expected to believe in the power of words. Words can hurt and words can empower. I pick and choose my words like a bird pecks seeds. Sometimes they flow from within without much thought. Other times, and depending on the topic, I avoid certain words and choose specific ones to convey a particular meaning. Some words hold so much power that I only use them with extreme caution, to drive a point or startle the reader. Other words I pick to mark my beliefs and tribes to those who know the codes. Some of those words will offend and some will affirm the beliefs of others.

Dad Privilege

This week I have been thinking about words and how they impact how we identify ourselves and how others see us. It started with  Continue reading

Ottawa Bloggers

Over the past several months as I have put more time into writing I have had the opportunity to connect with other local bloggers writing on a variety of topics from parenting to food. It is sometimes a challenge to find people writing on topics of interest to you so I thought I’d share a list of bloggers from the Ottawa area. The descriptions all come directly from each the blogs.

I am pretty sure I have missed some so if there are any you know of who are missing let me know in the comments and I’ll add them. I’ve generally categorized them although many of us write on topics outside of these categories as well.

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Internet Justice and Rape Culture

Last night I wrote a piece about the man who lost his job as a result of sexually harassing a female reporter. I said that I didn’t think he should lose his job. I questioned where the line was between personal and professional and whether employers should have the right to fire employees for things they do on their own time.

By this morning I was debating removing that post. My thinking continues to evolve on this issue. As is often the case I was thinking about it from multiple perspectives and hadn’t landed on my preferred lens. Continue reading

Internet Justice

This week two news items have got me thinking about internet justice and how quickly someone’s life can be damaged or destroyed by doing something dumb.

Today and yesterday it has been all about the City TV news reporter in Toronto who challenged these sexist assholes (not sure I have used a bad word on this blog before) who think it is funny to approach female reporters doing a live TV bit on camera and shout “F%k her right in the the P$$y.” (One bad word per post is enough.

Today it emerged that one of those men has been fired from his $100k / yr job as a result of his actions. I’ve been thinking about this situation. I initially experienced a moment of elation to hear that this guy had been identified and punished for his actions and I hoped that the others involved would meet the same fate.  Continue reading