Spoiler-Free Star Wars Review

I saw Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I took my children Other people were there. I saw Han and Leia, Chewie and Luke, R2 and C3-PO as well. Someone flew the Millenium Falcon. There were deserts and forests, X-Wings and Tie-Fighters, People lost and people found. We see lightsaber and … Continue reading

Benefits of Free Play

Today was a park day. We took the girls and one of their cousins to the park for some outside playtime before the fall weather starts to turn and the equipment gets buried by the snow. The older girls immediately went for opportunities to climb the play structures as high as they could go. Our two … Continue reading

The Scent of Memory

Are five year old's allowed to drive a car? I hope so, because it happened to me today. I was driving to a meeting when suddenly the time machine of memory took over and I was five years old again. It took me a minute to escape from memory and focus on the road. I kept getting flashes of being a … Continue reading


Last month I wrote about Loblaws and Joe Fresh and their gendered clothing lines. It is frustrating that so many companies continue to believe it is necessary to use outdated stereotypical and sexist text on their clothing for kids. The good news is that there are companies that are trying to … Continue reading

10 Ways that Boys will be Boys

Loblaws and its clothing brand Joe Fresh believe that boys should be excused from any bad behaviour because they are boys. They are selling shirts for babies and toddlers printed with the phrase "boys will be boys." This statement has been used since it was first created to suggest that boys are … Continue reading