Pregnancy Options: Parenting

Pregnancy Options: Parenting It seems fitting that I am writing this post the day after my youngest daughter's first birthday. This is the second post in my series about options for women and partners facing unintended pregnancies. I am writing them in the order that we considered them when my … Continue reading

Pregnancy Options: Abortion

Pregnancy Options: Abortion As I wrote in my last post, when I was 15 my girlfriend and I discovered that she was pregnant. As you might surmise, this was an unintended pregnancy. Since it was unplanned we needed to consider our options and decide what to do about the pregnancy. If you read that … Continue reading

Sex Ed: It’s So Amazing!

Our oldest daughter is seven years old and like many of our friends with kids this age, we have been wrestling with how much information to provide to her about sex and sexual health.  We had a baby a little over four months ago and of course that spurred a number of questions about how the baby … Continue reading