Men and Sexual Consent

Like many men, the #MeToo movement has got me thinking a lot more about harassment and sexual consent these days. Many of the stories making the news have been about powerful men doing whatever they feel like to women. In some cases the stories have been about powerful men assaulting other … Continue reading

Bare Naked Book Review

This page contains affiliate links The Bare Naked Book! How do you teach your kids the names for their body parts? One of the tools we use and have now used for all three of our daughters is The Bare Naked Book - written by Kathy Stinson and published in 1994. Obviously it is pretty easy to … Continue reading

DadGoesRound in the Globe & Mail

I'm in the Globe & Mail! Check it out! I have a byline attached to an article on sexual health (as a result of this blog) in our oldest national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. I didn't technically write all of the words in this article. Some are from my Dad Guide: Menstruation post and the … Continue reading