New Dad Guide: Support Your Partner

Support Your Partner This post assumes your partner is a woman who has given birth Growing and getting a baby out of a body requires a certain degree of work and trauma to the human body involved. If your partner has just gone through this process your job for the next several weeks is going to … Continue reading

New Dad Guide: Changing Diapers

Learn To Change Diapers If you are a new dad or about to be a new dad you may have never changed diapers before. I am pretty sure that I had not changed a diaper before I became a dad. I was talking with a friend the other day and he had also never changed diapers before his son was born. It is … Continue reading

Dad Guide: Tampons & Cups

Tampons & Cups Tampons & cups are a great mystery to many men. When I was a teen I couldn't really fathom what a tampon was or where exactly a woman put it. TV commercials didn't give any hints. Gradually it dawned on me, "oh they put it in there..." I still didn't really understand … Continue reading