B Connected Conference

A few weeks ago I attended the B Connected Conference in Ottawa. It was my first blogging conference and while I thought I knew some stuff about blogging going in to the conference I discovered that after two days I really didn't know very much at all. I was a little overwhelmed by all of the … Continue reading

Marking Milestones

At the start of the year I wrote about setting big goals for myself for this year. Goals are only useful if you periodically check in and compare performance to objectives. It has been almost three months since I set these goals for myself and it is a good time to evaluate my progress. I set two … Continue reading

Clearing the Weeds

I spent some time this weekend weeding the garden. We have two vegetable gardens in different parts of the yard and they were both quite overgrown. Between rainy weekends and high temperatures I haven't even been able to get the grass cut every weekend, let alone weed the gardens.  This weekend … Continue reading