Lessons from unemployment

Unemployed Life It has been a little over two weeks since I lost my job. So far it has been a bit like being on vacation without having to worry about how many emails are building up in my absence. This is so far a very different experience from the first time I was unemployed 13 years ago. … Continue reading

I Got Fired…

Surprise you don't have a job anymore! Have you ever walked into a meeting only to have your brain suggest that it is not the meeting you expected it to be? That is what happened to me this week. I went to a meeting that was supposed to be about communications outreach. Instead I walked into a … Continue reading

Work Life Flexibility

I am a provider. Growing up, and even now, I don't fit many of the male stereotypes. I don't watch sports - except during the Olympics and the occasional soccer match. I don't care about hockey and that statement may require me to hand in my Canadian citizenship. I didn't chase girls in school … Continue reading

6 Lessons from a Paperboy

Lately we have seen further evidence of the struggles of the newspaper industry in Canada. Postmedia laid off 90 people, merged newsrooms and now the Guelph Mercury has announced that they will no longer produce a print edition. The Mercury provided me with two firsts in my working life. … Continue reading

Exploring Creativity

Where does creativity come from? Over the past year I have been exploring creativity in a few different ways. It wasn't planned as an exercise in inspiration or a test of how creative I could be. It actually started more than a year ago with this blog. I like to write and have long enjoyed the … Continue reading