ZOOOM Children’s Zone at the Museum of Science and Technology

Image of the ZOOOM Children's Gallery

ZOOOM Children’s Innovation Zone

The kids and I had the opportunity this weekend to participate in the sneak preview for media of the new ZOOOM Children’s Innovation Zone at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. We were very excited to go and check out at least part of the newly renovated museum. We live down the street from the museum and before its closure three years ago we were regular visitors. The museum will be reopening November 17, 2017.

My first impression of the small part of the museum that we saw is that it is much lighter. My memory of the old museum is of darkness. Obviously it cannot be blazingly bright due to the impact of lights on the artefacts and exhibits. I’m sure the white walls and new lighting has contributed to the feeling of lightness in the new space.

Wheels Go Round

Image of a foam car ramp and jump at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

The centerpiece of the new Children’s Zone is an area where the kids (big kids too) can build their own cars from interlocking foam pieces and race them down a variety of ramps. My kids experimented to see how tall or long they could make their cars and still have them work. They were pretty enthusiastic about the ramp with a jump for the cars.

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Smell-o-Vision Climbing Wall

Image of a climbing wall at ZOOOM Children's Innovation Centre

This climbing wall is really aimed at younger kids – my nine year old was climbing along the top row of climbing grips, but that is not really who it is aimed at. Plus, she missed all the cool smells in the wall. Each of the black discs on the wall looks like a music speaker. In fact they contain a variety of smells. Kids can climb up on the wall to reach the smell speakers and try to identify what they are smelling. My four year old generally thought everything smelled like candy.

Texture Walls

Image of four texture walls at the ZOOOM Children's zone

I had to wait quite a while to catch a photo of this area with no kids in it so you could see the texture walls. Kids were enjoying running their hands over the different wall surfaces and then running onto the ball tunnel.

Mirror Experiments

Child's image in a mirror at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology

Inside and on the outside of the ball tunnel are a variety of mirrors and kids can experiment with them to see how their reflections change in the different shapes and sizes. It also turns out that you can get some cool photos through the bubble dome on the top!

Museum Doors Open November 17, 2017

After three years of extensive renovations, the Canada Museum of Science and Technology, including the ZOOOM Children’s Innovation Zone will open November 17th.

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The big trains are still there, the Krazy Kitchen is still there, but everything else is redone and new again. If you are wondering, the new building being constructed beside the museum will house the rest of the museum’s collection not currently on display within the museum itself.


Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post. I was invited to the media preview and like all other participants we received a family pass for the museum when it reopens. Since we have a museum membership I am giving away the pass and you can win it here.

It is a Free Admission pass for two adults, three children to the Canada Museum of Science and Technology. You could also use it for the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum or the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Win a Family Pass to the Canada Museum of Science and Technology!

Did I mention that we are excited to have the museum open again?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post!! I think the museum is amazing and I like the fact that they can smell things in the climbing wall and they have a texture walls!