Dad Guide: Pads & Pantyliners

Dad Guide: Pads & Pantyliners

How many times have you walked past or accidentally walked down the mysterious Feminine Hygiene aisle in the drug store and been overwhelmed by the choices? Maybe your partner has sent you to the store on a mission to buy pads without specific information and you encounter The Feminine Hygiene Wall of Choice.

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An Opinion From a White, Male Writer

Image of a white male writer with bed head

This is not my mug shot…

As you can tell, I’m a white guy. I’m a little worn out, starting my journey through middle age en route to the grumpy old may shouting at kids to get them off of my lawn. Since you are reading this you know that I sometimes pretend to be a writer.

This past week Scaachi Koul, a senior writer at Buzzfeed Canada who happens to be a woman put a call out on Twitter for long form writing pitches particularly from writers who are not white and not male. Continue reading

Celebrating the women and girls in my life

It is International Women’s Day today and in my life I am surrounded by women and girls.  In our house it is just me and the plants and the occasional stuffed animal that identify as male.  I’m not actually sure if the plants are on my side since I only have grade ten science and we didn’t really get into plant sex.  On the mammal scorecard there are 5 females and one male (me) in the house. Granted, one of the females is a cat.

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