How to Make Sure People Get Your iPhone Texts

Image of text messages

Some text messages are more important than others. My partner and I send each other text messages all the time. We provide each other with updates on our kids and reminders about things we each need to do during the day. Sometimes the content of the texts is not particularly significant or time-sensitive. Other times it matters when we receive them. Sometimes those texts don’t arrive as expected. Continue reading

How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

Have you ever been surrounded by five hungry children at lunch time after you committed to feeding them Zoodles only to discover that you had no can opener? This is the situation I found myself in over the holidays. I had to figure out how to open a can without a can opener or face being eaten alive by a hangry band of feral children.

I don’t want to see you featured on any episodes of the young and feral so here is a life-saving list of alternate can opening solutions for your consideration. A handy wallet-sized list is available at the end that you can print, laminate and keep with you at all times so that you are prepared for all situations. Continue reading

Ottawa Bloggers

Over the past several months as I have put more time into writing I have had the opportunity to connect with other local bloggers writing on a variety of topics from parenting to food. It is sometimes a challenge to find people writing on topics of interest to you so I thought I’d share a list of bloggers from the Ottawa area. The descriptions all come directly from each the blogs.

I am pretty sure I have missed some so if there are any you know of who are missing let me know in the comments and I’ll add them. I’ve generally categorized them although many of us write on topics outside of these categories as well.

Continue reading

What is That Thing For?

Nail gun


I know we have all had times when we are working on some craft project around the house and we think, ‘Man if I just had a Remington Powder Actuated Tool I could finish this paper maché volcano so much faster.’

No? Just me then? You may be wondering what the hell this tool is used for and for that matter what kind of powder would actuate such a tool. Well, let me tell you. Continue reading

DIY Phone Jack Installation

DIY phone jack installation

I am declaring a victory over our telephone/internet provider. Our modem/router is set up in the basement and has been for a couple of years. We had some line stability issues and a couple of years ago a technician installed a new jack in the basement and set it up there.

We were given a VoIP system for Christmas and it needs to be connected directly to the router so that you don’t need to have your computer on all the time. I set it up and tried it out on Sunday and it worked well. The downside is that our base cordless phone also has to be plugged into the system when it is plugged into the router. Since we don’t feel like making all of our phone calls from the laundry room. I wanted to move the router to the kitchen so that we could set everything up where the base phone is currently. When I plugged in the router to the phone jack it didn’t work so I called our provider  Continue reading