Mail Order Mystery Review

Mail Order Mystery Review

Mail Order Mystery Review

In November my daughters started receiving mysterious packages in the mail. The letters and packages came at a rate of about once a week. They provided hints and clues to a pirate treasure hidden by one of their ancestors. As a full disclosure, we received this Mail Order Mystery in exchange for a review of the adventure.

When the first letter arrived containing a message in pirate code, my daughters brought home half their class with them from school. They worked in teams to break the code. Each week for about six weeks the girls checked the mail every day to see if there was any new clues had arrived. With each new clue they found ways to do additional research. They searched online using the clues to figure out ahead of time where in the world the treasure was likely buried. They got books out of the library to learn more about pirates and basically loved the entire experience. I think they were disappointed when it all came to an end.

To date I have not confessed my involvement in setting up this mystery for them. I don’t want to take away the excitement they still convey when they talk about it, even though it has been a month since the final package arrived.

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Our kids received clues pertaining to a pirate mystery. A fairy-tale mystery is also available and a spy-themed experience is in development. These mysteries are best suited for and written for kids age 8 – 13.

If you are looking for an engaging project to fire your’ kids imaginations as a gift or just for an adventure in the depths of winter when they are spending more time inside, I highly recommend checking out Mail Order Mysteries and signing up for one.


I received no compensation for writing this review beyond the free mystery experience for my kids. All opinions expressed are my own.


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